You’ve just bought a new singing Bowl, congratulations. Now the fun begins.

My first bowl was the root chakra frequency. A small bowl, it was easy to hold. It rang quickly & my body immediately resonated with it. I enjoyed playing it each morning & evening to begin & end my day. My second bowl was the throat chakra frequency & ‘we bonded’ as easily as my first bowl & I. My third bowl was the heart chakra frequency & there I hit a bump. Why so much difficulty to get it to sing? There were times when I picked it up & it sang easily for me, while other times I became so frustrated with its silence I wanted to trade it for a different bowl. Clearly, in my mind, that bowl was defective in some way. But what was the defect?

One evening, when the bowl was stubbornly silent, by habit I turned towards my ivy plant & spoke passionately to (her) ‘I just don’t know what the problem is,’ & I burst out laughing! I was telling my plant my problems with my bowl, as if this was a poor relationship situation? But then truth hit me. I was in a relationship, not only with my Tibetan bowls, but with everything in my household – plants, cats, the carpet that needed sweeping, everything!

We all have heard science stories about talking with our animals & them understanding us, even about them answering us, in their own way. We have seen the research about talking with water, crystals, trees, & way back when Native Americans held ceremonies to call forth needed rain. Relationships. We are all in one huge relationship – one with another in all things, animals, plants, stones, people… everything.

Sitting there pondering all of this I felt a feeling of great respect for all things, & right that moment, a special gratitude for this precious bowl. I imagined all the trauma that the tiny bowl had gone through in being pulled from her home Earth, beaten & pounded into her present beautiful, shiny mixed metals object & burning-ly imprinted with impressive designs. I felt a closeness to her I had not felt before. I picked up the leather wrapped stick & began rubbing the rim of the bowl – wow! She was quietly humming, then her sounds increased & the most beautiful ‘F’ frequency flowed out into my own heart. Yes, I cried. I’d learned a valuable lesson. We are all in relationship in some way, at some level, & maybe our work is to quiet down within & learn how to connect in loving ways.


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Peggy Joyce Starr M.A. She was initiated into Sufism & became a Sufi Cheraga/minister, a Lay Buddhist, then, a masseuse & Holistic Practitioner. Completing degrees in World Religions, Art Therapy, & Interpersonal Communication, Starr’s passions have focused on exploring The Roles of Many Things that lead us to greater understanding of ourselves & others. 

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