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Happy Winter Solstice, Out with 2016 and Welcome 2017!

What a year 2016 was for everyone. Felt like one of the most emotionally packed years in recent memory. It's this time of the year that allows us all to settle in for the long dark days and cold nights and restore our mind, body and spirit. I feel this time of year is one of the best to do self healing work and introspection. 

It is my wish that 2017 offers us all new insights into being better individuals, learning from our mistakes and forgiving ourselves of wrongdoings to others and ourselves. Starting on Christmas Day for the next 12 weeks we will be offering a free singing bowl every Sunday.

In order to qualify you need to share "Singing Bowls to Spring" posts on any of the following social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

  1. Share the post and hashtag #thesingingbowlguy
  2. Like or Follow Us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
  3. Briefly share why you would like to have a singing bowl.

That's IT!!!! 

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