Singing Bowls at 4 Peaks Music Festival - Yoga - Singing Bowls - Meditation

Much appreciation to all those to who showed interest this past weekend @ 4 Peaks Music Festival. I had a great time camping out with Corrine owner of Salud Raw Foods and Christy owner of The Cosmic Depot, along with many new friends. Much thanks to the yogis and Jenni Peskin for leading the Sunday morning yoga. It was great to share the bowls with all.

I walked around the festival sharing a variety of singing bowls, carrying the BIG bowl as everyone calls it. Everyone was in completely amazed when they felt the vibration, it was a great experience for all. Those who experienced the singing bowls in the zero gravity chair had a much more immersive experience, see videos below. Sound Healing is very new to many people, the testimonials shared with me were very encouraging towards my purpose! Raise the frequency of the individual and the collective to change the world into a better place.. It was great to hear from so many diverse age groups and backgrounds. The kids really get it and connected well with the bowls.

Next up Oregon Country Fair July 8-10


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