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Sound Meditation Experience with Katie "Pinto" March 15th 7:30pm @ Tula Movement Arts in Northwest Crossing

When: March 15th Friday, 7:30-9PM @ Tula Movement Arts in Northwest Crossing. Bend, Oregon

Where: 2797 NW Clearwater Drive Suite 100 & 500 <= Google Maps Link

​What: Erik will transform the studio with sound, Pinto and Tin will float through the space providing Thai Bodywork adjustments and techniques to take participants deeper into the space. This unique blend of instruments, when played, creates visceral sensations in the body, reduces stress, and balances the mind, leaving participants restored, renewed, and refreshed. 

  • Sound - as opposed to noise. sound is produced by continuous and regular vibrations.
  • Meditation – to quiet the mind for relaxation, with the goal of reaching an inner state of peaceful awareness. 
  • Experience - an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone.

Cost: $25 - 90 Minutes

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