• A passion within...  I wanted to do something that made a difference in the world, and after years of trying different career paths, all of which never brought much joy I knew change was necessary. I live in a ego based world where competition is the name of the game, do what you what you need, to survive. This conflicted deeply within,creativity and expression felt suppressed, even though I didn't quite understand the connection. The day I received my first singing bowl is the day creativity and expression began to arise within, the feelings and sensations of energy flowing within was life changing. After spending 90 minutes with my singing bowl I knew sharing the benefits of sound and vibration was in my future. My mission is to introduce people to sound and vibration and create a visceral experience people will always remember.  When the mind and body feel balanced, calm and relaxed so do others around you. When we are aware of our emotional state of being, one of two things happens to others around us. They subtly sense "your vibe", which means you're attracting people into your life by the "positive" or "negative" state we are in. It's a choice we make, knowingly or not. 
  • Why choose our singing bowls? We choose quality over quantity every single time, and our singing bowls are second to none. When you purchase from us, know that you're supporting a small business who wants to "be the change". We will always have the best quality sound and visceral singing bowls, and if you're not satisfied, return the singing bowl, no questions asked refund.* see return policy for details.
  • Who is the singing bowl guy? I chose the name to help those whom I met on a day to day basis remember the guy who shared and spoke about singing bowls. 
  • What do people have to say about singing bowls? Listen to these testimonials here.
  • Where you are located? Bend, Oregon
  • How long you have been in business? September 2014 

*see return policy for details.

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