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Singing Bowl Experiences

What is a Sound Meditation Experience? A unique blend of tones, vibrations and frequencies creating a balance, within the mind and body.  

  • Sound - as opposed to noise. sound is produced by continuous and regular vibrations.
  • Meditation – to quiet the mind for relaxation, with the goal of reaching an inner state of peaceful awareness. 
  • Experience - an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone.

What are the differences between an individual session and group experience?

  • Group: 45-90 minutes long and consist of 30 singing bowls in a 180 degree semi-circle. Large bowls are placed towards the outside and smaller bowls near the center. Everyone lays down with their heads towards the bowls. This requires a space of approximately (5 feet x 7 feet).
  • Individual (Private): 30-60 minutes long and consist of 13 singing bowls will be situated around you while you're laying down. Covering with a blanket and using an eye mask will ensure you stay warm and comfortable. 

Above services for individuals and groups offered at the place of business or residence. 

What instruments do you use? Metal alloy singing bowls of various sizes, tingsha chimes, Koshi chimes, and/or a gong. In the spring of 2019, I will be adding soundscapes (sounds of nature).

What should I expect? People often use the following words/phrases to describe their experience: a deep sense of stillness in the mind, reduced stress, relaxing, trans-formative, calming, a sense of lightness, restored, renewed.

Every group experience and individual session is unique. Many subtle factors, such as the combined energy of the receiver(s) and facilitator, contribute to how you will feel. Together the energetic space or container is created.

The receivers' willingness to be open to new and positive experiences that can loosen the grip on current beliefs and how one processes life's events is key. I will gently guide, and encourage you to use the sound current to turn inward and discover the possibilities. 

How can I best prepare? Hydrate your body the day and before your session. Afterwards, you will want to again drink plenty of water. Most of us tend to be de-hydrated.

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