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Frequently Asked Questions

Using your singing bowl.

When holding the singing bowl, be aware of your fingers, if they are up wrapping the side of the bowl to far the sound will dampen. I suggest using the palm of the hand to cup the singing bowl. The more you hold the bowl towards the bottom the longer the sound will resonate.

There are a handful of tools used to produce sound with the bowl. There are hard  mallets/inviters, some of which have a soft head, or a harder head. choosing the one that's right is a personal choice. The other is the striker or spinning stick which has a leather end. 

When using the mallet/inviter or rubbing stick, you invite the bowl with enough force to get a desired result, which would be a pleasant sound that resonates in a harmonious way. The duration of how long the sound resonates is dependent on how cleanly you strike the bowl.

Common mistakes when first learning is striking the singing bowl with solid wood, which will make a loud and unpleasant sound. Simply grab the rim of the bowl to quiet it.

You’ll begin to notice quickly when inviting/striking the singing bowl to hard or not enough.

How do I use a spinning stick or striker?

To make the bowl sing, you must apply enough pressure/friction to the edge of the bowl as you are rubbing the bowl. Gently tapping the bowl with the leather end will start the vibration and you can begin to rub and feel how the sound trails behind as you rub. The process of what works and what does not, will become clear to you as you spend more time with the singing bowl. Be patient, it will come.

How do I use the mallet/inviter?

The mallet/inviter produces deeper and longer lasting sounds and is what most people use when playing the bowls as a musical instrument. The method which produces a clean, non-clanging sound is by striking the bowl about 1/2" inch below the rim and moving the mallet upward, almost as if it the head of the mallet is skipping off the bowl. When you come into at a 90 degree ankle the sound can be more abrupt. Experiment and notice for yourself the differences and do what feels best.

How to care for your singing bowl?

To clean you singing bowl, you can use warm water and lemon juice.  Take care of your singing bowl when traveling by wrapping it with something that is padded. Treat your bowl as if it's an instrument. If the bowl is dropped it can bend or worse yet crack, both of which can cause the bowl to lose the original sound and vibration. With these few tips, your singing bowl will be a treasure for years to come.

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