5 1/2" Hand Hammered Singing Bowl - Note F Octave 4 - 566 grams

Product image 1Note D Octave 4 - #STG216 1 of 2
Product image 2Note D Octave 4 - #STG216 2 of 2

Regular price $ 56.60

Each Singing Bowl is hand chosen for it's timbre, pitch, richness and depth and has it's own unique characteristics.
Enjoy browsing our vast selection of bowls and choose the one that meets your needs. All recordings are done using a combination of the Shure SM58 or Shure SM57 microphone.

Note: F

Octave: 4th

Dimensions: 14.5cm width x 7.5cm height @ 566grams

Weight, Height and Width are provided using the Metric system to give the most accurate dimensions possible.

Please adjust your volume accordingly. Using headphones may give the best result.

Photo may vary from actual product.

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